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the wares.

Contemporary ceramics made with traditional techniques. 

Our purpose is to bring beauty and simplicity back to useful handcrafted ceramics. 

food safe

The great part of our wares being made with stoneware clay is that they are non-porous, allowing each ware's surface to be easily kept clean and safe. All wares are glazed with food-safe elements, safe for your family to eat off of. 

dishwasher safe

All wares are durable and cured twice by high-temperature firings. Dishwasher-safe and microwavable. Stronger than glass, durable as stone. - Please note that wares are not meant for oven use unless specially noted in a ware's description.


Hand-spun on the potters' wheel. Traditional techniques and tools are used in tooling wares. All wares receive a special mix of 3-6 earthen elements and 2-4 earthen oxides that, when cured by a high firing within the pottery kiln, it adheres to the stoneware clay body to create a matte glazed surface.


the craftsman.

Also known as Thomas Kilian. He was awarded the "Heritage Artist" of IBXArts in 2010 and "Artist of the Year" by Scuppernong Gazette in 2009. He and his family were featured in Our State in 2010. A major difference in Kilian’s work has been based on authenticity. He develops his own glazes and has been unfettered by conventional training as he is self-taught. Kilian started in clay at the tender age of eight and opened his ceramic studio in 2007 in the swamps of the Inner Banks of North Carolina. His 13 years of experience have yielded many accomplishments, such as creating a collection for "Historic Somerset," designing & crafting the "Hi-Plains School of Missions" participant awards for three years, acceptance into Mino, Japan's International Ceramics Festival, demonstrating the craft at large, and exhibiting in the exclusive Imperial Art Centre's HANDCRAFTED Exhibition 2017.

carved in history


"Notable Purchase" From: Nathan M. Richardson,

of the Frederick Douglass Speaking Tour.

Imperial Arts and Science Center
A wide-ranging fine craft exhibition held
January-May. Kilian's ceramic work entitled "Isaiah 40:28"

placed on display.



"Mold Me Lord"
Cabin Swamp Church of Christ
Illustrated a personal spiritual life with the Great Potter (God)

through demonstrating the craft of pottery
October 23

Hi-Plains School of Missions
Designed and crafted custom oil lamps award to school of missions

participants of 2016
September 11

"Mold Me Lord"
Camp Pitt
July 18 & June 16

Reid Street Gallery
Gallery installation of 24 handcrafted ceramic pieces
June 29

"Mold Me Lord"
& KILIANWARE auction
Madison Park Christian Church women's conference
Art illustrator for conference
March 12


Emirates' 2016 Skywards cards
Kilian was invited to create Emirates' 2016

Skywards cards for the Art of Travel competition     
August 20
Hi-Plains School of Missions
Kilian designed and created custom lamps for 2015

Hi-Plains School of Missions tour  
July 27

Featured in the Scuppernong Reminder
Article entitled: "Local potter showcases work" - pages 1 & 11
July 15

PCTC Christian youth conference
Demonstrated craft for sponsors: PCTC, Hilton, and

Central Christian College of the Bible.



The 14' International Ceramics Festival Mino,Japan"Alexander"

made it pass the 1st stage of judging



Featured in Scuppernong Reminder article on 6th page 



Featured in Scuppernong Gazette  article on 4th & 5th page 



The 14' International Ceramics Festival  Mino, Japan 

Entered two pieces in the Ceramic Arts Category   


Second Saturday's
Historic Somerset Plantation's 
 July - August - September

   Historic Somerset Plantation     
       Collection Purchase          




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