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Harry Potter: Exploitation of Primordial Fear and Hope

Photo: Brian Selznick (c) 2018 by Scholastic Inc. J. K. Rowling has done with the Harry Potter fantasy series somethings which take few precedences since Peter Pan and Wind in the Willows. Many scholars have dismissed Harry Pottery as being low-brow literature and associated its cartoons with cardboard figures. By Harry Potter, J. K. Rowling has captured the imagination of the British people and has filled our minds with characters and attitudes that have become a shared frame of reference that has influenced our hopes and intentions with soft socialism. She reduces the complex world of politics to a simple world of good and evil in a narrative of Hogwarts, a magic world organized by spells

Is there a necessary connection between law and morality?

Is there a necessary connection between law and morality? Or are there simply contingent connections between the two? The answer: Yes, there is an essential connection between law and morality. There is something of great metaphysical potential. Generally speaking, we expect a lot from people and are not happy if they betray us. In fact, our entire culture is predicated on the idea that each person has an indefinite and intrinsic worth. The implicit proposition in our legal structure is that even no matter who you are that there is something about you that is of transcendent value that has to be respected by the law and other people. You can ask if you believe this, and you can answer that b

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