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The Light of the World

My candlelight service sermon given on December 24, 2018: Tonight we gather in the service with remembrance of how Christ became our light. How God came to us as a babe that lied in a manger on the display before the world. How God became a man sent to us in our time of darkness. To be a light. Christ Entered our dark world to be its light. Christ has entered our dark hearts to be our light. Tonight we have dedicated time to leave the dark world, to enter this building and to be joined as the church, a city or a light on a hill that shines. We do so in a quiet reverence. Therefore, We might be surprised that the fact that Christ is our light becomes more significant when we read of Christ w

Waiting In Line (Mathew 1:1-16)

Waiting in line. Think of all the time that you have ever spent waiting in line. How many hours have you spent waiting to board an airplane, get a table at a restaurant, use an ATM or a bathroom, or talk to a customer service representative? Waiting in line can be frustrating, but there is nothing worst than waiting in the wrong line. Recently in October customers hoping to sample doughnuts at Ireland’s first Krispy Kreme waited over an hour without realizing they were in the wrong line after a number of cars believing that a McDonalds’ parking lot was Krispy Kreme’s entrance! The first century Jewish-Christians feared that they were waiting in the wrong line as unbelievers attacked them for

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