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New, Every Morning!

Would you turn in your Bibles to Lamentations, chapter 3. I’m having us turn to a unique book in the Old Testament, that records the fall of Jerusalem in the exile, the most horrendous catastrophe in Israel history up to this point. Prophet Jeremiah is the poet here who is overseeing the death of a nation, his nation. As there is a death of a nation, there’s also a living God who is greatly at work. It’s a lot like the opening lines of Charles Dickens’ book, the Tale of Two Cities. “It was the best of times, it was a wast of times, it was an age of wisdom, it was an age of foolishness.” So, we see in this book. So, I am having us turn here for two reasons: First of all, it is one of the most

A New Thing is a Good Thing!

January is named after the fictitious Roman god named Janus. An ancient Roman coin pictures Janus having to heads: one looks back toward yesterday, and the other looks forward to tomorrow. Do you often look back towards things of the past? Many of us have good moments and memories in our history. We like to call to mind those memories, don’t we? We savor cherished moments, and rightfully so. Do you look back towards things that was embarrassing for you? We all have embarrassing moments and times we failed that we wish could be scrapped off from history. How often do you look back towards how the church we attend use to be in the past? I am sure we can recall former things about about our ch

Things That Will Happen to Us

Happy New year and congratulations! If you had attended a service on Sunday 7th, you have had perfect attendance for the year of 2019! It was the first Sunday of 2019. It was also the first Sunday of January. Which means we have a new month, with a new sermon series. I have entitled it: “New Thing is a Good Thing!” Talking about new. How many of us likes to try out new things? How many like to eat new things? New products? “New” seems to be a word advertisers use when they can think of nothing new to say about an old product. It’s funny, because it’s true. In fact, their is a deeper truth there. The truth is, there is really nothing new under the sun. This morning I am going to do what I nor

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