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In the Shadow of the Cross

Christians had to decide what the symbol for our faith would be. They considered fishes and loaves, some suggested the rainbow (the sign of the covenant to Noah), even a dove which symbolizes the Holy Spirit. But what was always excepted and mostly used as the best symbol of the Christian faith was the cross, the emblem of suffering and shame. For many the cross is a piece of wood or metal they hang around their neck. Or that which is place on the wall of a home, church, or on the top of the church. But you did not do that in the first century. It would be like wearing an electric chair around your neck, it is weird, if not creepy. It is like going to someone’s home and seeing a picture of a

What God thinks about when God thinks about you?

What God thinks about, when God thinks about you? When you think about, What God thinks about, when God thinks about you, what do you think about? This is a big idea, it’s a tongue twister, but it is a big idea, because it, will become clear to us when we move through our time together, what you think about what God thinks when he thinks about you, really has a huge impact on what you think about when you think about God. It should not be this way, but it is. For the most of us when we think about what God thinks about when God thinks about me we sort of bounce it off some things that we really should not be bouncing those thoughts off of and it impacts the way that we view God. Let me, tell

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