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Memorable Faith (John 12)

On one summer day, I decided to go out for a run. After a mile of poor running, I found myself at the local Oakland Cemetery. Among the silent graves, I heard my lungs wheezing. And in an asthma attack, I scrabbled to the pavement. Once I caught my breath, I looked up to see this gravestone (pictured below). How ironic! Here is this once lively “Happy Birthday” balloon that just happened to be airless at a dormant gravestone. I pondered, "Life certainly does take the wind out of us." Here's a warm thought... We are going to die! Someday. Ouch! That's a cold reality we don't pounder often. It's the truth though. What are we going to do about it? Will you be remembered? And by what or by whom?

I believe in doubt: an examined faith

As humans, we doubt. Even the best of us. Let's look at time when Jesus meets someone with doubts. I invite you to turn to your Bible to John chapter 20. It’s a story of Jesus and Thomas, the disciple. Thomas has some doubts about the resurrection of Jesus. Thomas was an apostle of Christ. We learn from the gospel of Luke, that Jesus prayed all night before picking Thomas as an Apostle. We know that Thomas was a loyal follower to Jesus. We know that Thomas was the one who wanted to go back with Jesus to Judea, the place where everyone wanted to kill Jesus. All of the other disciples said, “Don’t go back, Jesus. They will kill you.” But Thomas said, “We need to go with him, so we may die wi

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