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There's BLESSING For You!!

This is one of the most important things that you will learn in your christian life: Your relationship with God. It establishes all of your other relationships. How you believe God treats you, is what you believe the Godly way is to treat others. So, if you don’t have a proper understanding of your relationship with God, that is also affect all your other relationships... Spouse, Kids, Neighbors, Co-workers, etc. It will cause great pain in your relationships with others. Really? What kind is it? Biblically... it's "Grace not works". A relationship that's healthy, joy-filled, encouraging. All other relationships will receive that love, that help, that health, and that joy. Why do I tell us t

Demonic Doors

Sarah, a lady in her 30s, spent a lot of time in doctors offices and hospitals; shivering on exam tables, recording her medical history on multiple forms, having enough blood drawn into glass tubes to keep an army alive. Something was wrong with Sarah but the doctors said she had nothing wrong with her. After many emergency-room visits and a list of surgeries, the doctors still didn’t know what was wrong. They began cancer treatments, just in case. Two-weeks later Sarah died. Her biopsy revealed something invisible to the doctors. Sarah didn’t die from a cancerous mass. No. She died from Lyme disease that went untreated! So, what was Sarah’s problem? - Was is Cancer? Nope. It was Lyme dise

The Brand Mark of Men

Biblical Masculinity and fatherhood. The Bible has 66 books with roughly 40 authors. The author of every book is a man. These men built and lived in "father-ruled" societies. The husband was the head of the home. He loved his wife and children, and he protected them with his life. The family name was traced and passed on through the father's family line. We are told in the Bible that we worship the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. They are our fathers in the faith. God, throughout scripture, is referred to as the Father, and Christ, the Son. Jesus came to earth as the perfect man. He set up his church using militant language, saying how “the Gates of hell will not prevail against it". Meanin

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