10 Rules For Success

  1. Stop doing the wrong things. Do not do the things that you know that makes you weak and stupid. All of us know what things we are doing wrong, there is no deliberation needed.

  1. Make a schedule. Set up the best day, practically speaking. Have a day that makes you better at the end of it. Schedule responsibility with balanced reward.

  1. Clarify your thoughts. Write down your thoughts. Tell others. Make videos or record memos. Articulate a path through what disturbs you.

  1. Take the meaningful road. Speak the truth and seek the truth. Face the things you are afraid of and plot a course to overcome them. Ask, "What would I be like if I worked out myself, spoke my being forward?" Stop wasting time and spend time doing meaningful things.

  1. Specify your goals. Specify your long-term ideal, and perhaps the hell you want to stay away from. Create and apply yourself to micro-habits. Efforts are meaningful when there is meaning which lies behind them. Goals give the conditions of failing, that is why you need to make them.

  1. Stop saying things that make you weak. Refine your speech in such a way that you become more centered in yourself when you speak. Go with the critic inside yourself. We are always feeling, and we should tell the truth from the core of our beings; speak ourselves forward because we are spiritual.

  1. Adopt and live in the mode of authentic being. Orient your speech to the truth. Refuse to buy into the lie of society. Take up responsibility. What you say and do are meaningful, including your mistakes.

  1. Learn from your errors. Evaluate your speech and behaviors. Are you the friend of your plan or the friend of the things that disrupt your plan? Never accept yourself in your present condition.

  1. Have a conversation with yourself. Talk as if you do not know yourself. You are the boss and the worker. Negotiate with yourself. Learn to like yourself as you would a friend because then you can negotiate with yourself.

  1. Aim high and take risks. Assess the season which you find yourself in and be all in. Conceptualize the highest good. Aim and shift the world and set the world; organize your emotions and motives by your aim.

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