Demonic Tempting in the Christian's Democratic Spirit

The following is satire...

From Principality Officer, Demon Slubgob.

To Private, Demon Wormwood. I was informed that you were having a hard time deceiving and tempting the Christian in his goodwill for his country. For this reason, I am writing. For the Christian, the best point of attack would be the borderline between theology and politics. It is very good when Christians are very much enthused and alive to the social implications of their religion. Of course, the social implications of their Gospel are bad for us, but never doubt that we can make some good out of it to win many battles. As a standard rule, we can not allow their Christianity to flow over to their political life.

When you examine the records... anytime religion is politicized it’s in danger of extinction. That's what we did in Europe. We make people have to pay taxes to support religion. What you have to learn is that whenever you can do so, you can be sure it is going to tax their intellect as well, and ultimately they will want to overthrow the whole. See, anytime you politicize religion you will also politicize morality and you will get one of the most immoral cultures at the end of the day. Unlike your immature suggestion, we speak of politicizing particulars of day-to-day choices, not essentials.

The goal, however, is to get the Christian busy about social justice, thinking it's from God. Anyone's use of social justice may allow for the thought that he or she can make a good society without God in society. The idea is to make the Christian concern about making a good society, instead of good men and the Church. Then we can move their affection and loyalty to that of the state and their president and not their own people and their God.

What you had not fully realized, fellow comrade, we have to make them believe with a conviction that their social justice will bring good to the world and spiritual revival to the Church; then no one can oppose it without looking like one of us... the enemy. See, what you have failed to see is that good works without Good News is not good at all. So, always, dear comrade, separate the good works from the Good News, and we will have thousands helping with winning the battles for us. "God Bless America" oh, how I love that phrase. So many believe it that they rationalize and justify even the most terrible and tragic moments that they have created in the work accomplished by the tool of government.

Again, it is here that you have failed to understand the principle behind our belief. To get some of the best results out of a "free" country, use the word "democracy." There is a widely, over-realized hope that "democracy" is just and impartial. Just use the word "democracy" to get people to defend their own behavior in society or within the Church; of course, we talk about sin. "Democracy" is used always positively; its kin is "liberty" or "liberality." If the nation, being democratic, is centered on what the individual thinks and does as valuable, you had assumed, young one, that we have no advantage there. Although one would think this, it is simply wrong. Like all forms of human constructions, even governments, it often works to our advantage. We can use it to our advantage, both in society and the church. For "democracy" or the "democratic spirit" can easily lead to a nation without great men; a nation of mainly timid and lickspittle people.

Dear comrade, you only see the truth of the matter, and that is our flaw. You are too innocent... you must become malevolent. You say criticism is at best re-creative. We say criticism is at best is spirit-killing! If we can infect people and even Christians with that attitude, their democracy can do little good. As you well know by now, flattery breeds on ignorance, and so the first sign of criticism is met with a grim of disapproval and disgust. When differing ideas or morals come about, they can not be discussed because they are always persecuted with a hatred backed by the "moral" of "democracy." A static and stagnate nation is a good nation for us to thrive!

And that is what us "Hell boys" wishes on every democratic people.

Concerning the Enemy's camp, the Church, we want the person, not the group to be the center of the church. I have disregarded your amature assertions that democracy can not be used within the church effectively for our use.

We love "democracy" in the church. And don't you forget it! Just because their Christ wants his people to be a diverse unit that operates as a whole, doesn't mean we can't use democracy as an effective strategy. For example, we have got the American churches to vote "in" evangelists and shepherds. It's a popularity contest, which guides the evangelists and shepherds in parading personality, promises, degrees, and promises that come with age, that are similar to political campaigns, to get the vote. Of course, they always vote in folks that are just as immature and lukewarm as they are. This is wonderful because the church becomes stagnant, never challenged and never growing. And if you can "vote them in" you can vote them out, regardless of the reason. If he decides to preach truth, he is impeached. Plus if the congregation votes someone in, the leadership can always blame the congregation when things go wrong. Preaching and shepherding become "positions" and work only associated with unmerited statuses of ignorant people who work the crowds to climb the dominance hierarchy for pure power.

If everyone there desires to say they are "equal" with everyone inside and outside the church, and everything opinion or "personal truth" is equal, we can get them to ignore their inferiority, their immaturity. Of course, I mean that we lead them to believe their "bad" is equal with the other's "good," and vice versa. The method to do so is to get the church to have an over-realized doctrine of "Christian liberty." Christian liberty can lead to a moral down fall in the likeness of Israel. Their prophet, Jeremiah, came and he said, “Do not think that just because you have the temple that the Lord will not discipline, that he will not chastise” (restatement of Jeremiah 7:1-8). Jeremiah knew our deceptive plan... but it's our job to make this prophetic message irrelevant to the Church. If the church thinks that ethical liberty is the center to their unity, we have done our job.

And that is what us "Hell boys" wishes on every church within the democratic people.

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