Marianne Williamson: Politicizing Morality

Marianne Williamson, a spiritual teacher (New Ageism), author and Democratic presidential candidate, has a growing following. Many see her as something that will "fade," but I believe differently, unfortunately. After reading and listening to several articles and interviews, I am compelled to write the following (please see bottom for links of referenced materials). WHO: Born and raised in Houston, TX. In 1983 she began lecturing in Los Angeles at the Philosophical Research Society on a set of books entitled, "A Course in Miracles." Williamson claims that the books have no dogmas, is not affiliated with a religion, and has no doctrine. The "course" has been described by some as a self-study program of spiritual psychotherapy. Williamson comments that it is a book of love, forgiveness, based on universal spiritual themes of all religious teachings of the world. The purpose of the books is to help one to be more loving and forgiving, show mercy and compassion in the world as a more loving person because of how that heals everything. During her teaching, the aids crisis hit hard in Los Angeles. She comments that institutionalized religious organizations identities were silent. At this time Williamson stepped in talking on a "god" who loves you no matter what, and the miracles that happen when love is present. Williamson stated that since she had contributed emotional, psychological, and spiritual support, "in a real way, gay men of Los Angeles gave me my career." She started an organization called the Center for Living in Los Angeles and New York providing non-medical services through a program called "Angel Food," which provides free home meals to home-bound people. She concluded during the Rubin Report interview that her spirituality is very practical and real, as she gets dirty and doesn't think she is excluded from helping others who are in illnesses, poverty, and need for racial reconciliation. She is a self-proclaimed non-profit activist. When asked what would she have said 40 years ago to younger herself if she knew she would be standing on stage running or president... she responded, "If that is god's will, that's god's will." WHAT IS WILLIAMSON ABOUT?: A recent article published how Williamson in a New Hampshire poll is poling ahead of Booker, Gillibrand, and O’Rourke. "Why," we ask? Her career has not been entrenched in the political arena. She is a lady who reminds us of a compassionated, non-judging mother who addresses everyone as "good people." She dresses modestly, speaking articulately and smoothly with an amount of charisma. She believes that moral stances alleviated civil injustices concerning women and Blacks; a moral stance she deems America requires now. Although not self-proclaimed, she alludes how people have identified with her, and she is the figurehead of the collective conscience of many Americans. She implicitly compared herself to John F. Kennedy during her first debate. Williamson believes that America is the richest nation, but she has issues with 1% holding the wealth/success with 40% having economic "anxiety." She believes that America is less resourceful and less creative because of Capitalism.

What she does not seem to understand is how America was built on capitalism and that is what makes America great!

She believes 40% of Americans don't have opportunities because of political policies over the last 40 years which has put money into the hands of a few. She calls these Americans "The Club." Although during her first debate Williamson stated that "Not every American is racist," she later stated that she does believe the President is a racist. She even goes as far to inadvertently comparing President Trump to Hitler, saying that his comments are hate speech comparable to the seriousness of Hitler's hate and influence. She says she does not subscribe to identity politics, but what she says shows otherwise. She calms that Blacks receive harsher sentences for drug offenses than White people with the same drug offenses. She fails, however, to back up her statement with an univariate analysis. She continues to claim that the larger presence of Blacks in prison compared to White people is proof of racial injustice. To which I say, "I guess the larger presence of men in prison is proof of sexism." In a recent viral video, Williamson asked White Americans to offer "prayer of apology" over Blacks with the intention to be a "spiritual act of racial reconciliation." This is troubling. This is ascribing "collective guilt." In the Rubin Report interview where she was asked about her recent CNN interview about the video, Williamson stated that reparation is called for, describing it as the Jewish version of the Catholic's practice of confession which "cleans up the past." When she was asked by Dave Ruben if she subscribed to identity politics, she said: "No," She explained why... she was not is ascribing "collective guilt" because "guilt" is different from "responsibility"... and it is "responsibility" she is advocating. We don't know how modern American's are seen by Williamson as able to respond to their great-great-great grandparent's decision, without ascribing guilt to them. And we ask, "Why give apologies for something you never have done?" Williamson says, it creates "atonement, a purification of memory," otherwise, we are unconscious of our wrongs we commit tomorrow. Any of this makes sense? Nope. It makes more sense to us if we just see it as cultic gibberish or being a mentor in the AA program. At any rate, Williamson compares America's past racial injustices to the injustices done during the Holocaust. POLICIES: Marianne Williamson wants to spend $200,000--$500,000 in 20 years on a reparation counsel for economic and education "renewal." This is not how the American government works. It is beyond what the Government is able to do. It is not the purpose of the Government. Even if it was, how is the Government supposed to do so? Will we be taxing first-generation Latinos who just moved here who are struggling to survive? Are we going to tax them? Are you going to receive a tax percentage that personally accounts for your privilege? At what privilege? And who gets to decide? Williamson's answer: Let's increased taxes by 2 trillion (2 trillion of taxes which Trump cut out in 2017) by penalizing the rich and middle-class people. Even this, Williamson says herself, is not the way to healing, because the majority of Americans are ignorant of their history of slavery. OVERALL:

Marianne Williamson is channeling a real, and underserved, constituency in American politics, because of her unusual personality, that can be readily compared to a cultic spiritual teacher, along with her mainstream, over-realized political ideology that anyone can learn in a few hours: identity politics. Do not vote for Marianne Williamson if you want this nation to survive its past and thrive in its future. 1. Identity politics: Although Williamson says Americans are ignorant of history, she might be surprised that her political ideology is in align with the political ideology behind some of the worst excesses that humanity has ever seen. Identity politics have been disastrous for every nation that has embraced it, just look at history... Maoist China, the Soviet Union, and the Nazi Party. Identity politics is post-modern and a humanistic perspective of people. People's value is based on their group identity and furthermore "victim-hood," not on the understanding of their inherent transcendent worth as being made in the Image of God. (see my article on "White Privilege") 2. New Ageism: Williamson is for Judaism and teaches universal spiritual themes of all religious teachings of the world. Not surprisingly the new age movement believes all is one (in a sense is monotheistic), something Williamson ascribes to being a "Jew" that teaches universal spiritual themes of all religious teachings of the world. (Alert: moral relativism!) In New Ageism, the basic substance cosmic energy and how we are “dualistic” (both spiritual and physical). Williamson teaches on "A Course in Miracles" which is clearly New Ageism.

Williamson books and teachings based on the "A Course in Miracles" have been a major influence for Oprah Winfrey, infamous for her New Ageism and moral relativism after having rejected Christ.

Williamson teaches self-transformation by and in yourself. "God" is within; "god" being the "prime resource" that everyone has within. The course says you can believe in God without knowing it, but it's really not about belief but about experience. We are "one" with everything. We are the cause love, says the Course. This is New Ageism!

YAHWEH is the only true God and is worshiped as such when he is obeyed according to his standards, not our own. He is not the created, he is the Creator. True, good transformation and love can not happen without God, the Great Doctor and Love. Any "self-transformation" will result in skewed and selfish. New Ageism is about self-enlightenment by venturing into and emerging again from the darkness of self and this world. It tells us the human spirit can look beyond himself or herself in search of meaning and healing. Clearly anti-Chrisitan. 3. Politicizing morality: Williamson wants to politicize morality. When you examine the historical baggage of nations and religions it’s not been a very good record. Anytime religion or morality is politicized it is in danger of extinction, and I think that’s really what happened in Europe. If you have to pay taxes to support the church, you can be sure it is going to tax your intellect as well and ultimately you will want to overthrow the whole thing. When the French revolution came in, the lid was thrown off, and it has never recovered. This is part of the problem and some eastern religions are in the government telling you what time to wake up and what time to pray, then tells you what you can eat and what you can’t eat. All of this goes on to limit what we think and say. Politicize morality and you will get one of the most immoral cultures at the end of the day. You shall not politicize these things; there are points at which lines need to be drawn and those are the essentials of life, the sanctity of life, and so on. But in terms of the particulars of your day-to-day choices, the government does not have a say, including one's attitude towards history.



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